So how do we incorporate gifting and empathy into a little one's life?

Start by practicing sharing!

Something as simple as sharing food, time together and maybe even toys can all help your toddler understand what it means to gift something to a friend or loved one. This practice of give and take makes up one of the key pillars in a connected, healthy brain. 

Gifting doesn’t have to be just a physical thing! As an adult you probably know the joy that can come from simply spending devoted time connecting with your loved ones. Making space and time to connect and share precious moments with family and friends is an equally great place to demonstrate the joy of gifting and sharing with your little one.

For those of you who love to gift, or simply just love gifting your time, The Kiss Co book of kisses and cuddles is a great way to spend more quality time connecting with the smallest members of your family.

That’s why this week we’re running a Buy One, Give One Sale

(running for this week only!) 

That means if you buy any book and we’ll give you a book for free to give to someone who needs more kisses and cuddles in their life.

This is the perfect way to teach the art of gifting and connection is by giving the gift of a kiss or a cuddle! Who knows maybe your little one will want to give their extra book to their best friend?


Happy Gifting! 




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