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Stories that build bonds

Let our words transport you to the land of Kisses and Cuddles - where the only thing that matters is you, and them.

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When our son was 3 months old, I left the room for a minute...

When I returned his beautiful face lit-up with such excitement to see me again. I felt overwhelmed with love in that moment. I told him I had brought back some kisses with me and kissed them all over his little face.  
I was so touched by this little moment - I wanted to capture and share it, and so our book 'I Got You Some Kisses' was born.
I have found that slowing down is the best way to allow beautiful moments to happen, and you think so too - we have sold over 30,000 COPIES WORLDWIDE


Reading Companions

Hold our soft, organic characters 'Kiss' and 'Cuddle as you read, or introduce them as a prequel to the books.


Be close when you can't be together

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