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Welcome to the land of Kisses & Cuddles

Let our words transport you to the land of Kisses and Cuddles - where the only thing that matters is you, and the little one you love.

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When our son was 3 months old, I left the room for a minute

When I returned his beautiful face lit-up with such excitement to see me again. I felt overwhelmed with love in that moment. I told him I had brought back some kisses with me and kissed them all over his little face.  
I was so touched by this little moment - I wanted to capture and share it, and so our book 'I Got You Some Kisses' was born.
I have found that slowing down is the best way to allow beautiful moments to happen.
My dream is to help everyone find that precious slow-time with the little ones they love.


Be close when you can't be together

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'Kiss' and 'Cuddle' brought to life

Hold our beautiful friends as you read along to our stories about Kisses & Cuddles.

Don't miss our AWARD WINNING Hide & Seek game either!


Comments from our customers

These books are so cute & a definite favourite here. They both have to be read at story time it can never just be just one of them. They are a great reminder of what is important.

Ashley Woolley

Beautiful quality, absolutely great service and friendly. Love the concept and joy that it brings my grandchildren and family that I've introduced them and the books too!!


I just love how it became an interactive book as my wee guy quickly learnt the word kiss and what that looked like. Each time the word kisses was said, I would receive the warmest of warm kisses on my cheek

Louise Jones

As I live in NZ and two of my grand babies are in Melbourne I thought this was an ideal gift to let them know I love them and think of them all the time. My three year old granddaughter loves the books. Thank you so much!


Such a beautiful wee set & the hide & seek kisses are just gorgeous ... we will have hours of fun with these as our wee one grows up! Bought this set as we love the ‘I got you some kisses’ original book.