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This is where the magic started! Meet Kiss and Cuddle as they appear as characters in our bestselling books. These stories encourage connection through affection - make a moment in the moments you have with your little one as our stories delight and engage and bring you closer together...


Come and meet your little ones new best friends IN REAL LIFE. Our sweet characters, Kiss and Cuddle, have been brought to life using soft organic cottons & FSC certified timber - and our popular game, 'Hide & Seek Kisses' has even won awards!

The Kiss Co books and toys both celebrate 'Kiss' and 'Cuddle' and work together to give an immersive storytelling experience.


To make your buying decisions easier (and more affordable), we have created our popular ‘kits’ range.

Our kits contain books and toys that make magic when they’re together for even more affection through connection!

All kits include great discounts and are our recommended way to purchase with The Kiss Co.

Immerse Yourself in the Land of Kisses and Cuddles

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the land of kisses and cuddles alongside your favourite children’s book characters?

The Kiss Co's journey started after a single experience of one of life’s most precious moments and led to a journey in understanding the importance of affection, and making the most of the moment. Read more about what we have learnt on our journey so far.

Well researched and filled with love and honesty, read about our learnings to date...

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