To make your buying decisions even easier we have bundled our products and created our bestselling ‘kits’ range. Our kits contain books and toys that make magic when they’re together for even more affection through connection! All kits include great discounts and are our recommended way to purchase with The Kiss Co. 

Immerse Yourself in the Land of Kisses and Cuddles

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the land of kisses and cuddles alongside your favourite children’s book characters?

The Kiss Co's journey started after a single experience of one of life’s most precious moments and led to a journey in understanding the importance of affection, and making the most of the moment. Read more about what we have learnt on our journey so far.

Well researched and filled with love and honesty, read about our learnings to date...

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  • Benefits of siblings reading to each other
    Reading with siblings can be a heartwarming and beneficial activity for both children and adults. Not only does it provide a chance for siblings to bond and spend quality time together, but it also has a range of cognitive and social benefits. Read More
  • I find it really hard to articulate what The Kiss Co is about.
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  • There's a carrot in my piñata giveaway

    Fanta, marshmallows, cherrios, lollipops, chips, fairy bread - it is all so much fun! Carrot sticks, celery - not so much. 

    When I plan a party I want my children to have all of the fun and exciting party food but I don't want the Godzilla-esque scene to deal with afterwards.

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