About us

Why are we here?

To provide inspiration, encouragement and tools to make time for the little moments. No matter how busy or complicated our day-to-day lives are.

In 2015, when our first son was three months old I left the room just for a minute. 

When I returned his beautiful face lit-up with such excitement to see me again. I felt overwhelmed with love and told him I had brought back some kisses with me - and proceeded to kiss them all over his little face. He giggled and I giggled and in that moment we were together, sharing one of life’s most precious moments. 
It felt like more than just our moment to me, so I put my feelings and ideas down on paper. That's how our first book, 'I Got You Some Kisses' was born.
I have found that slowing down is the best way to allow these fleeting moments to happen. Precious moments can be hard to find in our busy world, but when we are able to put the madness on hold, magical little moments appear in beautiful, unexpected ways. 
My dream is to give ways to experience these moments more often, in whatever time you have.
Like so many, our busy life leaves me worried that I'm not spending enough quality time with our kids. Through the Kiss Co however, I am continually able to remind myself that it is often the smallest moments that make the biggest difference! 

Ami Muir
We are a registered New Zealand family business and we call Christchurch, New Zealand home.