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A Mother's Reflection on Prioritising Affection and Bedtime Peace

As a mother reflecting on the past, there's an undeniable realisation that resolutions revolving around family life matter the most. The desire to create resolutions that encapsulate our family's growth, harmony, and closeness have often taken a back seat to goals around finances and career. 

Reflecting on the past, I'm able to see what could have made our daily family life better. 

Two big things stick out - don't overlook the little moments and do all you can to craft a serene bedtime routine - it makes an incredible difference!

During the early years, bedtime was our toughest challenge. Looking back, I realise we made a mistake—we tried to keep the kids calm while juggling dishes, packing lunches, doing laundry and so on. No wonder they were running around like crazy. We were too. 

So, here's to all the parents out there, two simple ways to bring more love and peace into family life.

Embrace Intentional Affection

In the whirlwind of daily routines, it's easy to overlook the small yet meaningful moments of affection. We've decided that no matter how small the act is, any intentional effort to express love and appreciation is 1000% worth it. It's in the gentle bedtime stories, telling a joke at dinner, writing a tiny note to leave on their pillow, and the comforting hugs after a long day.

It's about creating an environment where love is never simply assumed but expressed and felt in more of your daily interactions.

Crafting a Calm Bedtime Routine

A peaceful bedtime ritual sets the stage for restful sleep and fosters a sense of security and calmness within the family. Looking back, I see the missed opportunities in the early years to create a serene bedtime environment, often ending up with the complete opposite! 

In the coming year, why not resolve to create the most peaceful bedtime routine you could imagine? It could start with winding down an hour before bedtime—use this time to engage in quiet activities, dim lights, and talk in quieter voices. Maybe you could establish a routine where one of their toys "goes to bed" at a specific time, prompting the need for quietness? Reading is an ideal way to end the time and helps to wind down and relax, ready for sleep. 

Looking Ahead with Optimism

Let's make this year a canvas for cozy moments, weaving love into our days and bedtime routines. As parents, let's dive into this journey, knowing that tiny acts of love and peaceful bedtime habits stitch our family bonds.

It's not the big gestures but the everyday love and bedtime calmness that make a family's story special.

Here's to a year filled with warmth, cuddles, and bedtime tranquility. May our resolutions blend with the heart of family, crafting a life full of treasured moments and lasting ties.

Here's to '24 x

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