Our society prides itself on a parents ability to multi-task and juggle a hundred things at once...but at what cost to the emotional well-being of our family and ourselves? 

The constant need to ‘get it all done’ so often means we become uptight, anxious and flustered when things don’t go to plan, and life gets in the way (as it always will!). We all know that cycle of negativity when we get overwhelmed and overbusy, feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day. We have to compromise. We blame ourselves. We feel like failures. 

What if this year we prioritised slowing down, instead of speeding up?

Creating an environment at home that practises and encourages flexibility, mindfulness and being in the present are all great ways to relieve stress, teach patience, compassion, kindness, mindfulness and love - not only to our children, but to ourselves. 

Taking time to slow down, shows your children that they are the most important thing in your day. To have time to listen to them and their stories, share activities and make space to play, read and imagine, builds their confidence, sense of security and self-esteem.

When we pause, take a deep breath, slow down and be in the present it’s amazing how we suddenly begin to notice the little moments of joy and spontaneity with our kids that would have been missed in our everyday rush. And these benefits can be felt in as little as ten minutes of mindful, slow, time. 

At the Kiss Co we know too well the significance of making the moment matter and slowing down. By offering the inspiration and tools to create slow moments so together we can love, laugh and share no matter how busy our day-to-day lives are. 

Our range of beautifully illustrated childrens’ books, characters and toys are created to give you and your kids quiet, quality time - the sense of increased connection and unconditional love can be nurtured in the space of a story. 

We are here to help you enjoy the little things, because we understand how big the little things are.

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