When our babies arrived we were so grateful to friends and family who considered the feelings of our other children at what can be a very emotional time for them too. I remember having so many feelings for our eldest in the time leading up to his brothers arrival, unsure of how much would change in his world when his new brother arrived. 


We decided to give him him a gift ‘from the Baby’ when they met for the first time, and leading up to this we spoke a lot about the exciting times ahead, trying to involve him as much as we could in the process. We wanted him to feel as important as he always had.


Often when a new baby arrives, the focus is (of course) on the bright new bundle of joy rather than the sibling. We had some very thoughtful friends and family that had ‘been through it before’ and brought something small for him when they visited. They also made sure to play with him, and involve him in the excitement.


Simply acknowledging the Siblings ‘important new role’ while you’re soaking in the newborn bundle is enough. However, we know how much little children cherish gifts with love and meaning - and we also know that gifts ‘from Baby’ help the two to bond early and feel connected to each other from the start.


We love inventing toys, and we wanted to use the arrival of a new baby as an excuse to create what I’d call our most heartfelt one. The gift is connected - one toy for each child, bonding them from the start - and, as we know how an older child very often compares what they have with their sibling, our set comes with a card ‘from Baby’ that lets the Sibling choose which one they get to keep.


We put all of our love into this gift, and we hope it helps any new Sibling with the exciting new transition of welcoming a brand new member of the family.



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