We all want to imagine our children growing up together and becoming the kind of siblings who are the best of friends, knowing that they’ll always have each other's backs and be a team, no matter what - but how do we help our kids build that depth of relationship from an early age?

Research has shown that sibling relationships often play a major role in how we will interact in other relationships with friends, romantic partners, and others later in life.

It all begins with implementing strong values at home. Parents play the key role in helping nurture a good sibling relationship and reduce negative behaviour patterns with each other, sibling rivalry and conflict. By encouraging activities that foster teamwork, setting kids up to have fun together, and giving kids the tools to work out conflicts in a constructive and respectful manner, parents can help siblings develop a good relationship that will carry them through the rest of their lives.

Here are some recommended strategies and values to help your children build a strong and enduring relationship with each other from the start:

  • Avoid comparing your kids to one another

  • Teach siblings to appreciate and celebrate each others differences

  • Have siblings team up for activities and household chores

  • Teach the importance of respect & how to respectfully disagree

  • Allow each child to have their own personal space

  • Talk through the feelings that led to actions

  • Make time for fun & unstructured playtime

Of course, siblings aren’t going to adore each other every single day - like adults, their moods and feelings fluctuate and there will always be disagreements and squabbles - but with some core values in place to always return to and remind them of, you know that any minor arguments and disagreements will not shake the bond and respectful relationship that that they have cultivated.

The Kiss Co’s beautiful range of children's books and toys are the perfect way to help siblings develop and strengthen these ideas and values - and our new Sibling Set has been designed to foster love from the start. It's the perfect gift for growing families and one that will help build and grow the kind of positive and enriching sibling bond that will last a lifetime.
Our much loved characters ‘Kiss’ and ‘Cuddle’ were made specifically to encourage a feeling of love, connection, inclusion, compassion and excitement between siblings - whether that’s for the new baby that is on the way, or for a growing relationship. 

There are many benefits of positive sibling relationships, including support, friendship, and connection.

In fostering the sibling relationship, parents teach young children to show empathy and compassion for others.

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