I’ve had the most glorious past couple of days enjoying my little ‘work from home’ gig. I’ve planned ads, though up new products, had chats with the people that make the wheels turn, and next on my list is ‘to write a blog’.


I had no idea for a topic but I am sitting here in such a grateful state, I thought I'd talk about that.


7 years ago(!?), The Kiss Co started with a little idea to write a book for our then 3 month old. 2.5 years after that and the birth of our second child (and working in between), I gave myself 12 months to find an alternative to going back to work. My sights were set elsewhere at that time, and I opened Pepa, our stationery store which I was absolutely in love with. As the birth of our 3rd child was approaching I realised I’d taken on too much, and we sold our store to the wonderful Hannah who runs it today.


Over the past 7 (!?) years, The Kiss Co has been a constant in my life. From it being a side hustle while I worked, to it being pushed aside while I fell in love with shiny new things, to it becoming my full time focus to pivot to survive when the world locked down, to it now being my absolute passion.


Every day I work on this business it appears to grows and change as I do. I’m so grateful that I have found a way to express myself creatively as well as send the messages to children that I wish I had received as a child.


So that’s all for today. Thank you so much for being part of this with me, like all small businesses - we wouldn’t survive if it wasn’t for you.





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