I find it really hard to articulate what The Kiss Co is about.

I know it somewhere deep down but when it comes time to tell people about it, it's hard to find the right words. 

So when I read the post below from one of our new stores, Little Explorers Toy Shop in North Queensland - my heart exploded, as it feels like my intention is out there living all on its own. 

The Kiss Co is not about being the perfect parent, or being present all of the time, it is about giving what you can - even if its 10 minutes at storytime - it is enough.

We beat ourselves up as parents so often and there's no way to get it all right, just being a safe place to snuggle up with at night is enough to fill their little buckets up. 

I would love nothing more than giving parents the words to say 'I love you' after a busy day. 

Nicole's words ....

"Have you ever thought about your love language? As a parent I try my best but parenting is hard. I am not always present, I don’t always say the right thing, and I am not always the fun parent.

Sometimes, my love language is different to my kids.

But every night, I read my kids a book, give them a cuddle, a kiss on the forehead and tell them I love them.

That cuddle and kiss means more than what they probably realise. When I came across these books from The Kiss Co, I knew I had to have them, to help bridge that gap in our love languages and to help them understand how much their cuddles mean to me.

And so that when I am not around or they are having a hard day, they have the book or those cute little kiss toys, to help them when they need comforting. Maybe even when they are older, they will read it to their children and still be reminded of my love and my cuddles."

Nicole, Little Explorers Toy Shop

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