Grandparents – they’re Precious, they’re Special and they’re Ours! They love us, they spoil us, they take us interesting places, they read us as many books as we want and they play games with us. They don’t growl at us and they have time to answer all our questions.  We Love Our Grandparents!!

But there’s more than that. Somehow, indefinably, we feel that sense of “belonging”, that unspoken but very real knowledge of a tribe shared, the rich mingling of past and future, our grandparents “know”, they’ve been there forever, and we can lean on them and ask them stuff.

Because - grandparents have that all-important ingredient – TIME! They no longer have to juggle work, washing, cleaning, cooking and social events, just to mention a few. What’s more, they are delighted to have the time to focus on their grandchildren for a few hours at a time – as long as there’s an end date in sight! They love that special connection with the “littlies”, and all the precious little moments shared along the way. They particularly love it because they can have all the fun, without any of the responsibility! And bring out their own inner child, which has been dying to play for so long.

 There’s also that life-affirming sense of deep connection  – and the children intuitively sense it, even if they don’t quite understand it. Not to mention that random kiss, snuggle and hug that just warm the heart and lighten the day.

Grandparents say

“I love having that special connection.”
“It’s so great to enjoy them and then hand them back!”
“I love not having to be the disciplinarian – we can just have fun and play together”
“I love having the time to completely focus on them.”
“I was too busy when I had children to have the time to really enjoy them like this.”
“I love bringing out all the old songs and singing along with them.”
“I think I enjoy their books at least as much as they do!”

As a parent, I really appreciate those special extended family connections, and the warmth they spread. My own Nana – my kids Great Grandma - tells me “It’s a lot of fun allowing them to break all the rules.”

Can’t wait till I’m a Nana!

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