How Hide & Seek Kisses came about!

As a parent of 3 it pained me when our kids tired of a new toy quickly. I wanted them to be grateful to have new things, but their 'feedback' was actually suggesting they weren't getting the right kinds of toys.

I noticed that they'd often play with a toy we had invented (think a cardboard box with a hole in it) for longer and in far more imaginative ways than they would with one that had turned up ready-made with its limited uses.

The toys we'd create weren't elaborate - and that was their beauty. Their simplicity made them stimulative - all of the imagination could be applied to them!

This understanding led to the creation of our first game, Hide & Seek Kisses.  As finding Kisses was a theme in our book 'I Got You Some Kisses', the idea of creating real life kisses that you could find seemed perfect. 

Open-ended play is what gives a toy staying power. Kids naturally want to use their imagination in play and gravitate towards things that allow them to do so. These are the kinds of toys your kids can lose themselves in for hours. 

Hide & Seek Kisses is the simplest game that is only limited by imagination.  And the critics agree! In 2020 we were the winner of TWO Loved by Parents awards - one for Best Activity Toy and one for Best Stimulative Toy. 

We've also sold out 3 times since launch! (its really hard to keep this product in stock!) 

And further than that, we are spoilt with reviews, emails and thanks from our customers daily!

As there are 10 in a bag it doesn't matter if a few go astray.... perhaps your little one might choose to keep one with them at to pre-school, or place them under their pillow to stop bad dreams (see review below)! 

We're proud to shout from the rooftops that this WILL be loved endlessly by children 1-4 years! Get yours before they sell out again!
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