We love and as parents also subscribe to the 'want, need, wear, read' philosophy at Christmas time and feel that giving things using this method (especially 'wear, need and read!), is a fantastic idea.

Children are often given so much at Christmas, working from this philosophy helps to simplify the process and also help children end up with a stack of things that last far beyond the day itself.

Here are our top 5 suggestions on gifts to buy the children this Christmas:

You can't go wrong with pyjamas and there are so many that are beautiful and kind to the environment as well. We love these unisex Pj's from Australian brand G.NANCY'S - 100% made in Australia. You can purchase these from the beautiful Hamilton store, Little Mash.


I am a sucker for good looking, practical and long-lasting lunchboxes. I can't bring myself to spend this much on a 'normal day', but can definitely justify this at Christmas! If you want to Christmas it up, fill it up the box with something they'll love on the day. Purchasable from The Lunchbox Queen.


It's not possible to have too many blocks! We love how long-lasting these are through the stages - from baby to pre schooler. Available from the gorgeous Little and Loved, these silicone building blocks are made by the beautiful company, Petite Eats.


My great Aunt used to send money to us each Christmas - to be spent on a game. We used to go shopping as a family to choose the game and its a tradition I treasure. We ended up with a very enviable games cupboard, and the games cupboard in our family home is heading the same way. Games provide a wonderful way for a family to spend time together and last far past Christmas Day. I love this Balancing game from Little and Loved.


Sharing moments of affection is what we believe is important so number 5 is from our range. We have chosen 'I Got You Some Kisses'. We are always receiving such wonderful feedback about our first foray into business, and we are so proud this book is now being received warmly globally, too. Kids love the moments this book creates, and we hear it is a consistent bedtime 'ask'. Available through a range of stores in New Zealand, including ours.


If you found this gift guide useful, free to pass it along to some other grownups you know!

Got any suggestions? I'd love to hear from you - just email me hello@thekissco.co.nz 

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