A new study from Chile has given all of us parents a reason to celebrate.

Parenting in a mindful manner - which means being present in the moments you have - shows tremendous benefits for both the parent and the child. Parents who are able to practise mindfulness - or be mindful - are likely to have lower levels of depression and stress.

Mindfulness is often over-complicated, but can be as simple as participating in a child’s fascination with the world. Being present in this way helps a parent to see the child’s perspective, in turn brushing away the day’s busyness - which alone allows a parent and their child to connect on a much deeper level.

The bonding a parent and their child can experience when the parent is looking at the world from their child’s perspective is a reward like nothing else. Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is magical, and it can happen in any moment you are able to let it.

Our children are always here hoping we’ll listen, and its as simple as finding moments to do just that.

If it feels like you’re striving towards unachievable parenting goals, perhaps you need to get rid of some of the mind-clutter and trust your instincts - truly hear what your child is saying to you, get on the floor and look at the bug they’re about to squish.

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