Level 4 lockdown ends tonight. This is a good opportunity to take a minute and think back over all of the memories you’ve made in this time. There's no doubt you've had some challenging days, but take a moment to think through each of the good memories you've made over this time.

How can life be more like that? This has only been 4 weeks of your life and you've the ability to add some of it - if not all of it back in. 

For me, I've realised that quality time is more important than the quantity of time. I used to feel so guilty that I had too much on my plate to give the kids what they needed from me, but with less to do it is still the special little moments that make the biggest impact. With my plate about to fill back up I am going to make time for quality moments every day, and get rid of that guilt that I'm not doing enough.
It's about quality not quantity - and it is always about the little things. 
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