There's a carrot in my piñata giveaway

Fanta, marshmallows, cherrios, lollipops, chips, fairy bread - it is all so much fun! Carrot sticks, celery - not so much. 

When I plan a party I want my children to have all of the fun and exciting party food but I don't want the Godzilla-esque scene to deal with afterwards.

Cue 'There's a carrot in my piñata'! This book has been a household staple for years. It combines all of the party food fun, with quite a bit more of the health. 

The recipes in this book create amazing alternatives to the sugar-fuelled options, the kids don't have the after party sugar crash at the end of the day AND it all looks and tastes just as exciting. 

If you like the sound of watermelon pizza, hedgehog cookies and mermaid bubbles, we are giving away a copy of this delightful book (valued at $30) absolutely free with any Toddler Kit or Ultimate Bundle purchase. 

Simply purchase our Toddler Kit or our Ultimate Bundle and get There's a carrot in my piñata FREE!

Be quick, we only have a limited supply to giveaway. 

Our Toddler Kit contains 4 of our most loved products (including our award winning Hide & Seek Kisses!). Keep them all at your house for the grandies to play with, give them all to one very lucky child or keep in the present cupboard for upcoming birthdays (or any day of the week really, you don't need a special occasion to give kisses). Our Ultimate Bundle really is Ultimate, and includes a whopping 10 of our products. 

1. Add our Toddler Kit or our Ultimate Bundle to your cart:  
2. Add the book to your order: 
3. Enter code carrot at the checkout and the book will appear FREE with your order. 

Afterpay available + Free Shipping applies to this offer. 
New Zealand orders only.  

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