The main anxiety children have when they are separated from you, is uncertainty.

They have to leave the safe and familiar behind for the unknown.

If a child thinks that love is limited only to when they can literally see you – then of course it makes sense that they’d be scared.

But what if they knew that your love never left them?

That no matter where they were or who they were with, your love was just as strong, just as constant, and just as real?

We don’t have to be dependent on external circumstances or events for that love, and that's what we should help our children to understand. We don't have to be separated from it - if we know where to look for it.

To help children understand this beautiful truth, I’ve created a poem that you - and them - can remember when things get tough.

Click the button below to watch the video (a copy is also available for you to download, just follow the instructions on the post).

Feel free to tag your friends if you think it could help their little ones too..

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