When I left my corporate career to be a Mum, I initially treated motherhood like a career. I became obsessed about how to do it ‘right’. I studied parenting strategies, sleep techniques, food, health, medicine/natural medicine, happiness, mindfulness, attachment… and so on.

Every answer I wanted led to such a rabbit hole of information, a counter opinion for every opinion.


Then one day 3 months into the parenting gig I finally understood what I’d been missing that arrived by way of a moment with my son. I told him I’d brought him some kisses and kissed them all over his face. The emotion I felt in that moment was HUGE, it was a moment of pure joy.

Something shifted in me in that moment and I realised that this was what it was about. Connection.

I wish I’d had this insight when I’d been so busy learning how to perfect motherhood. And that’s why I couldn’t keep it for just me.

I decided to wrap up the moment we had into a book that celebrates and builds connection. When you read the book you can’t help but slow down, forget all your troubles and focus on the moment you have and fill it with joy, kisses and cuddles.

I’ve since gone on to learn just how important affection and connection is for our little ones. For us to truly be there with them in the moment sets them up to cope with whatever this crazy world will throw at them. 

(the picture on this blog is one my son gave me for Mother's Day, which I LOVE)

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