We are so proud to have our products received in the way we intended, and are spoilt with comments from our customers. Here are some of our favourites...

These books are so cute & a definite favourite here. They both have to be read at story time it can never just be just one of them. They are a great reminder of what is important.

- Ashley Woolley

Through your books, you're giving me the greatest pleasure of seeing a daughter and a papa become closer and closer together. You guys are doing us such a service and thank you for all the efforts you have put into all your products!

- Saba Johnston

I received ‘I got you some kisses’ for a baby shower present. I’ve been reading it to my son from when he was young. He’s now 2 and asks for “kisses” regularly! It’s my favourite children’s book - I think I love it as much as my son does! I now buy it regularly as a present for baby showers and kids birthdays!

- Claire Taylor

Being on the other side of the world to my little nephews & niece I have found your books the most beautiful way to send them lasting kisses and cuddles, ones they can enjoy again and again until we next get to deliver them in person 😍 thank you The Kiss Co.
.....and I’ve also just had to buy them for my own children as they are just SO beautiful, an around the world huge hit!

- Anna Bage

I was gifted I got you some kisses and little Miss and I loved it so much I went searching for other books you had written. I made you a cuddle is now just as much a favourite. Chloe used to sit quietly, watching intently as I read this, now she slaps and tears at the pages because mum isn't reading it fast enough!! 😂. We read every page multiple times as she flicks back and forth and it's still a favourite. I hope you have another in the pipeline?

- Caren Kowalski

Our 18 month old son absolutely loves both of his books, but we HAVE to read 'I got you some kisses' each night while having his bottle before bed, he absolutely adores it, so do I.

- Dena Collins 

 My wee guy and I LOVE snuggling up on the couch reading this book together and it's one of our absolute faves (so much so it's one we read every night!)

I just love how it became an interactive book as my wee guy quickly learnt the word kiss and what that looked like. Each time the word kisses was said, I would receive the warmest of warm kisses on my cheek"

- Louise Jones