You Buy One, We Gift One

Welcome to the Affection Revolution, a movement dedicated to spreading love and compassion to children who are in dire need of it. Our mission is simple yet monumental - to bring a brighter future for children who have been deprived of the love and care they so desperately need.

At the heart of this revolution lies the unwavering belief that every child deserves to feel loved, cherished and appreciated. Sadly, not every child is blessed with a warm and loving environment, and this is where we step in.

Through our program, we aim to make a real impact by donating a book to a child who may not be receiving the affection they need. For every book purchased, we will donate one to a child in need.

Your small act of kindness can bring immense joy and comfort to a child's life, making a difference that will last a lifetime.

Join us in our mission to create a more loving world. Your purchase is a powerful step towards creating a brighter future for children who need it most. Together, we can bring a smile to the face of every child and make this world a better place, one book at a time.

If you know of any schools, preschools, or non-profits that would benefit from our initiative, we invite you to submit their information below. Help us spread the message of love and kindness far and wide, and make a real difference in the world.

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