Here at the Kiss Co we are passionate about nurturing affection and quality time with the babies and children in our lives. We also know the challenges that we all face as parents and caregivers when the school holidays, and cooler days arrive - so often faced with the daily question of how to keep our little ones occupied, without compromising on these values.

One-on-one time with children - sharing affection, and encouraging communication around feelings and emotions not only creates stronger bonds with you, siblings, and family members, but also encourages them to grow up with a better ability to forge lasting, healthy relationships, friendships and be better able to express themselves out in the world.

The great news is that this all begins at home, and needs little more than a bit of dedicated time and attention each day. And what’s more, it can be taught via creativity and fun, using things already existing in our immediate environment!

We’ve put together some of our favourite school holiday activities that you can do with your children either at home, or in your local neighbourhood, that help encourage togetherness, love and affection, and will keep little hands and minds content and occupied all holiday-long!

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Eye-Spy bags, bottles and jars are a favourite way of creating a means of sensory play at home. They are quick, easy and inexpensive to make, and don’t require a lot of room or equipment. The building of them is a perfect activity to undertake together, and to collaborate on, and your kids will love adding the fillings to the jars and bags. We love the way in which Eye Spy bags and bottles can be made in varying difficulties for different ages, keep children stimulated and occupied as well as being something that you can play with together, creating a quiet shared moment.

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A few seeds, a pot of soil and a sunny window sill are all that you need to create a simple herb garden with your kids. By planting seeds, caring for them, and watching them grow you are teaching children about nature, and the importance of care, love and patience. They’ll love seeing the seeds sprout over the holidays, and in time you can use the herbs in family meals and baking, another activity you can do together - showing little ones the rewards for hard work, affection and patience.

Chives, parsley, basil, mint, oregano and micro-greens are all easy to grow from seed and thrive in indoor growing locations.



Ask your child who they would like to make a card for and talk about why they chose that person. Is that person kind to them? Do they enjoy spending time with that person?  Think about how that person makes you feel and how we can try to display those same qualities to other people around us. Make a card for the person and arrange to get it to them by post or by dropping it off in person.

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When we care about the environment, we care for it as best we can and in turn are teaching our kids compassion and consideration for the world and others around them.  Collect trash on the street, gather up recyclable items in your home, or do some gardening outside, or head to the beach to forage for plastic debris.  Explain how actions must go along with our verbal expressions of love.  By showing loving actions to the world around us, and not just saying the words “I love you,” we are embodying the sentiment itself.  We can show love to everyone and everything around us by looking out for what each person or thing needs to be happy and healthy, whilst doing our bit for mother nature.



Nothing beats the quality one-on-one quiet time that reading brings. Whether it’s a visit to the library to find new books, or it’s well-worn, much beloved family favourite, the bond you build, and affection shared during storytime is priceless and will stay with your kids for a lifetime.

The Kiss Co’s range of books for babies and children teach affection and love, and are the perfect way to express these feelings and actions with your kids in an interactive, cooperative way.


Our Hide & Seek Kisses game is a great way to keep boredom at bay these School Holiday game. It is the winner of TWO Loved by Parents awards and praised for open ended play! 

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