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Immerse Yourself in the Land of Kisses and Cuddles

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the land of kisses and cuddles alongside your favourite children’s book characters?

The Kiss Co's journey started after a single experience of one of life’s most precious moments and led to a journey in understanding the importance of affection, and making the most of the moment. Read more about what we have learnt on our journey so far.

Well researched and filled with love and honesty, read about our learnings to date...

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  • LIMITED TIME Free Book offer for Grandparents

    Covid is gradually allowing us to visit one another again, but there are still a lot of grandchildren and grandparents who remain physically distanced. The role of the grandparent plays such an important part of 'our village', and thanks to zoom + our phones, we are able to stay close even if we can't be together.

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  • How Hide & Seek Kisses came about!
    As a parent of 3 it pained me when our kids tired of a new toy quickly. I wanted them to be grateful to have new things, but their 'feedback' was actually suggesting they weren't getting the right kinds of toys. Read More
  • Is your guilt serving you?
    Parents everywhere agonise in secret, where did I go wrong, should I have been softer / harder on my child? To make things worse, we now have so much more information about what babies and children need - and it seems we can’t help but add to the guilt because of it. Read More